Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jonathan and Charlotte!

First I want to say sorry to Holly for the picture but it was the only one I had when we were both pregnant! Anyways I know that we have been bad about updating lately and I am making a goal about being better starting with a blog about two of my favorite kids Jonathan and Charlotte!!! I was watching her today and loved watching them play. They get along so well and are so funny to watch! I cant believe that they are both toddlers!! I remember Holly and I being pregnant together! We were so excited and wanted our kids to be best friends! Look how far they have come!

Jonathan was only a couple days old here and Charlotte was about 4 months.
This was taken shortly before we moved out of the apartment complex! I miss the days when we could run up and down the stairs to find a sitter and friend!
But even though we moved out Jonathan and Charlotte were still able to see each other!
Now we have two big kids!! They run everywhere and are into everything! But they are still good friends!
You cant see it here but Charlotte has a book and they were looking through it together!
I cant believe that they are so big! I remember when Holly brought Charlotte home from the hospital and when she came to visit me in the hospital after I had Jonathan! Im so glad that Jonathan can have such a good little friend and that Holly and I get our wish of having our babies be such good friends!

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Cute, cute, cute babies!!!