Friday, February 6, 2009

We're still here

So its been a while since we posted but we have been crazy busy. Aaron started back at his last semester of Grad school and our house was hit with sickies. First Jonathan, who has what we figured was just a normal cold till his runny nose came with wheezing and a cough. So I took him to the Dr and they told me that Jonathan has RSV. We were so lucky that it was a mild case and they just sent us home with an inhaler and directions to watch him carefully and come back if it got worse. But in normal Jonathan fashion he did not let it slow him down. He was the usual happy boy that he always is. We are very blessed! So happy he decided that Daddy's new shoe box was the best toy ever! He has been playing with it since.

Then within 24 hours I got sick then 24 hours later Aaron!!! So we were all down at one point. These pictures Aaron took the other night when I was getting Jonathan's bath ready. Aaron got him undressed and I was filling the tub. Aaron then had to do something and was trying to find a convenient place to put Jonathan down. Well he found one! In the Laundry sorter.
Jonathan thought this was great and was perfectly happy and comfortable to play on top of all the clothes in the hamper. He also really liked the handles.

He is getting so big and everyday he does something new and funny to surprise and amuse his parents. He is so good and always goes with the flow. We are so fortunate that even while getting older this trait is not going away.