Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowed In

Yesterday we started on our way to Disneyland but only made it as far as Bakersfield. Aaron had a class for work in LA and Jonathan and I were along for the ride and planning on going to Disneyland with Krystal on Friday. But by the time we made it to Bakersfield it was raining here and snowing on the Grapevine. So we talked to my dad who found us a different route going on the 58 to the 14. But when we reached the 58 it was closed too! So we had to turn around. We were following behind the diesels going back toward Bakersfield and you could tell they had just made it through the 58 cause they were dropping big chunks of snow!!! Anyways we found a hotel in Bakersfield and stayed the night. Now we are hoping to get on the road soon. Fingers crossed the Grapevine will be open by noon. Lucky for us we have the worlds best baby!!! Jonathan was happy and good the entire trip while his parents worried. Hopefully he will be just as good for the second half of the trip!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Jonathan!

Yesterday Jonathan turned 6 months old! It is so crazy that he is already that big! We have been so busy that we didn't get to do anything fun but I wanted to post a little blog about our boy!
I can't believe all that has changed in 6 months! He is getting so big and even trying to sit up now. Usually he ends up slumping forward or falling to the side but he is getting so strong. He is always a constant surprise to us and we cant get enough of him!
He is the happiest baby ever he is always smiling and playing with everyone he meets. We are so blessed to be his parents.
When we look back at the past almost year now and everything that we went through with Jonathan's heart condition it just makes us even more grateful to have him in our Family. He is truly a very sweet and special boy with a wonderful spirit. He teaches me new things everyday and makes everything so much more exciting! We cant wait to celebrate his first Christmas with him and to continue to watch him grow.