Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jonathan's Surgery

We have a date for Jonathan's surgery to correct the heart defect. August 19, 2008 will be the day our little boy goes in for the big day. It will be a 6-8 hour surgery and he will spend about a week or so in the hospital. The procedure will be done at Children's Hospital of Central California in Madera, CA. Dr. Edwin Petrossian is the Pediatric Cardiothoracic surgeon who will be doing the surgery. He has a reputation that precedes him as one of the best around. We met with him before Jonathan was born and felt comforted as he explained the surgery. It will be one of the most difficult times in our lives, but we feel confident that the Lord will be guiding everything that happens with our son. Here are some recent pictures for you all to enjoy.

Four Generations

Jonathan's Namesake

We're Moving!

Kristen and I have the most amazing opportunity to move into a house, and so we are doing it...this week. We are getting a 2 bedroom house, with 1.5 bathrooms with 1250 square feet. It is out in the country a bit so we have to contend with a few bugs here and there but thats ok. Another nice thing about this move is that the house is the mother-in-law house behind the family for whom Kristen is the nanny. So, come rainy, foggy, and wet season, Kristen doesn't have to take Jonathan out anywhere to go to work. It is a great opportunity for us and we are taking it. However, it wasn't an easy decision. We are very sad to leave Heather Court and all our friends. We still plan on doing things over here with everyone but it won't be as easy. We are also very sad to leave the Peachwood Ward. We loved it very much! I guess it is a time of mixed emotions, but the Lord has told us that this is what we should do, we go. Here are some pictures of the new house.

Friday, July 4, 2008

New Family Portrait