Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Big Fresno Fair!

I live for this time of year good weather and the Fresno Fair!! I love the fair I have forever! Whats not to like good food and lots of fun?!? This year we were really spoiled and we went twice! We went on Saturday night with my Parents and then Jason and Cynthia were able to come and meet up with us there! But first we played for a bit. For the last few years they have really been developing the side of the fair over by the livestock and it is amazing! So fun for the kids a huge tree house that connects to a Pirate ship lots of things to play with and slides! Fun! Jonathan even found a little part of the tree house that was just his size!

He Loved that he could open and close the door by himself and was very pleased that there was only enough room in there for him!

There is a big waterfall that you can find up in the tree house too and Jonathan of course thought that was amazing! He loves water and was so excited and he could reach out and touch it with Daddys help!

It was so fun taking him this year and watching him walk around and enjoy everything! I can only imagine that it gets better!!

As it got later Jonathan went home with my Parents and we got to stay and play with Jason and Cynthia! It was so much fun. We basically shopped through the commerce buildings and Cynthia and I got to play dress up!! LOL! We are really enjoying having them back in town!

The second time we went was Monday night. It was much less crowded and still lots of fun. This time we got to go with my Parents and to take my Grandparents too! Its always fun to take my Grandma shopping and get them out to play. They enjoying being around Jonathan too!

Jonathan getting a ride with Great Grandpa in his wheel chair. We also got Grandpa a new hat! Nice huh?

Me with my Grandpa Benny and my Grandma Mae! I love them both and am so glad we were able to go with them! Its a fun tradition going with them every year!

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Curious Georges said...

So fun! I am happy for your friend! Beautiful family that are also great friends! Lucky girl you are!