Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lots and lots of going ons.

I know that its been forever since we have blog so this is going to be kinda long sorry! So anyways things have been crazy in our house! Aaron has started his last push to get through school! He is doing his comp exams which is basically just a bunch a papers. 6 papers to be exact plus he has to keep up in his other classes. Jonathan and I hardly get to see him right now but we know its for a good reason and are trying to be very supportive and helpful. Just a few more weeks and he will be Graduated with his Masters and we are so proud!

Krystal and Melinda were here a while ago and stayed with us for a few nights while they were on their way to Oregon. We loved having them and being able to spend sometime with them. We really miss them! Jonathan loves his Aunt Krystal and Ninna!
Jonathan is always on the go! He is crawling everywhere and into everything! He is getting bigger everyday and is so funny! He is always trying to mimic anything we do and say.His favorite words right now are Ma-ma, Da-da, Ba-ba, and NO! LOL! Yup he picked that one up pretty good. He doesnt actually know what it means and hardly uses it appropriately but he still says it. His new trick and his Daddys favorite is that he burps (kinda) with Aaron. Aaron will burp and Jonathan tries to burp back. Mom just sits back and shakes my head. He is such a boy!!
Jonathan has also learned to pull himself up on things and even walk along holding on the something. He scared his parents to death the other day when he pulled himself up in his crib one morning and decided that he wanted his toy boat that was on the shelf next to his bed. Trying to get it he knocked it over. So all Mom and Dad heard was a loud crash from his room! You can see the boat upside down at the bottom is the picture. Aaron lowered his crib that afternoon.
Jonathan and Jordyn the little girl that I watch have been loving the warm weather. It means that they get to play outside. Which basically means that I get to pull them around in Jonathans wagon! But they love it thats really all that matters.
Jordyn loves playing with Baby Jonathan! She really thinks of him as a big toy and always want to help me dress him! Its funny.
For Easter we went to Pismo with my Parents and my sister! It was great we really needed the break and Aaron got a little vacation before starting his comp exams. We had a wonderful time the weather was perfect and our Hotel super nice! We stayed at the Pismo Lighthouse Inn and Suites! I highly recommend it! They had a heated pool and hot tube that look out on the ocean and an amazing courtyard with tons of fun things to do. Like a mini golf course. We even found Jonathan sized golf clubs!!
Jonathan loved his chair it rocked and always wanted us to push it!
They also had a life size Chess board and Jonathan thought it was the coolest thing! He loved the Knight it was the perfect height for him to be able to hold on and play with!
We also traveled to Avila beach for the day. And Jonathan got to play in a swing for the first time!!! He LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED it! He thought it was the most exciting thing he would hold on and laugh the whole time!
We have wonderful Life, Family and, Friends and know that we are truly blessed and very lucky. And our family is about to grow again with Adam Aarons brother about to marry Brittney in July! We are so happy for you guys and love you both!