Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rice Cereal & Friends

So this last weekend we introduced rice cereal to Jonathan and found out that he is an animal when it comes to food.  He ate with no problems and actually makes a mess because he tries to go after the spoon.  Its very cute to watch him.  Here are two of the better pictures. 

We also had a visit with the curious George family and when I got home I got to say hi to the favorite two kids.  They were quite animated to say the least.

New Job!

I got a new job and start on the 3rd of November. I will be the Environmental Health and Safety Supervisor for Pactiv Corporation.

They are the company who makes all of the Hefty brand products you see in the store.

The plant here in Fresno produces styrofoam food trays like the ones you see in the store. It is an awesome process to see a raw material become a food tray in such a short time.

I will be the EHS Manager for the plant with about 200 employees under my supervision. I will also be part of the 4 person management team including the plant manager, technical manager, and human resources director. It's a wonderful opportunity which also includes a hefty raise and some amazing opportunitues for travel. We are very excited!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rolling over, feet, and funny boy!

Kristen's camera battery died and we picked up mine to take some pictures of the little guy.  We also realized there were some pictures we forgot about.  Here is one we took tonight.  He has found his feet and loves to play with them.  It's funny to watch him play with them. 
This one was taken a couple weeks ago and shows how weird he is while he sleeps.  He didn't move from this position for about an hour or so.
Jonathan loves to roll over...almost like a dog.  Kristen was very happy too.  

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Week of New Shoes

So, there are very few true pleasures in life.  New underwear and socks are two of my favorites.  This was the week of another pleasure, new shoes.  Kristen Got to replace her winter boots after 3 winters and I got new shoes for the first time in a while.  We are both very excited.  Oh the simple pleasures in life...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sickee Boy!

Jonathan had some crusty greenish and yellow gunk coming out of his ear Sunday afternoon so we took him to the doctor monday morning.  We pretty much knew he had an ear infection and just needed to get the medicine.  It turns out he had an infection in both ears but only the one had perforated the ear drum so it had some drainage.  We got some medicines for him and it looks less red already.  The odd thing is, is that he gave us no indication of anything wrong.  He never cried or pulled on his ear, no whining or grumpyness.  We are so lucky to have such a good tempered boy even when he's sick. 
He has been a very grumpy boy and the night was worse than when he came home for surgery. It was horrible! Neither Kristen nor I got any sleep and he is still grumpy.  To top it off, he got his first set of immunizations too.  We were supposed to go on thursday but decided to get it all done in one trip. He is a hurty boy:(

Fresno Fair

We had our first trip to the Fresno Fair with Jonathan this weekend.  It was so much fun! The beer rocks, corn dogs, tacos, orange julius', pulled pork sandwiches, and much much more.  We had a great time.  Jonathan loved to look at all the lights and different things going on.  We had very good time.