Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jonathan 1 Daddy 0

Jonathans favorite time of day? When daddy gets home of course which coincidentally happens to be mommy favorite time of day too! :) Jonathan is all boy and loves to rough house with daddy and wrestle around on the floor. I watch and shake my head and give constant reminders to be careful (to Jonathan cause daddy is so old ). But last night we had our first accident that left me with 2 crying boy and one of the them bleeding!

Thats right daddy came away with a wound. Poor Aaron. Jonathan and Aaron were playing on the floor when they bumped heads. Aaron was laying on the ground and Jonathan was standing above him and they both moved toward the other and smack! So basically what happened was that Jonathans two front teeth collided with Aaron nose.
As you can kinda see in the picture he has two perfect teeth indents on his nose. Its a little bruised and sore but daddy was a very good sport. I love them both and am so proud to be Jonathans mom and Aarons wife! He is an amazing father and husband and provider. We are so lucky to have him!!
P.S. This my love is revenge for posting the throw up picture of me! :) Love you!


Esthetics By Krystal said...

LOL!!! That is so funny! Sorry Aaron. Ya know I love you. But I am so proud of my little nephers!! He'll be a football player for sure!! Love you all. Be careful.

Mel's Family said...

Gotta admit...that is pretty dang funny! lol love you guys!

Jared and Sami said...

Jacob did that same thing to Jared, two little teeth prints on the forehead for two weeks!