Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just some pictures

Let's see what Jonathan has been up to for the last few weeks.

Me and my friend Logan playing in a box maze contraption built by Logan's dad.
Crawling around inside the maze.
My favorite place to play with Dad's the laundry basket! How weird.
Fun time playing at Bicentennial park during my family reunion. This is the night after I slammed my finger in the car door cutting it pretty bad. Notice the band-aid if you can on my right thumb.
Teaching great-Grandpa how to use an iPod...he still has no idea what to do with it.
CAn you tell he loves his Chef Boyardee?
Definitely has Matsunaga blood, loves playing on the tractors at Lowe's.

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Mel's Family said...

What a handsome little guy...LOVE the messy sauce! lol