Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swagger Wagon

So, this weekend marks a new high point in our lives. Kristen has been talking about the need for more room in her car if she is to be able to nanny for more kids since she has to do a lot of picking up and bring home. Originally she always thought that when more kids came, we would get something like a Honda Pilot to replace her CR-V that she loves so much. Well the need to have more seats came before the time to upgrade the car and she has been tossing around the idea, begrudgingly might I add, of getting a mini-van. She was also only willing to get very specific makes and models because she is so picky about her car.

Well, she started looking and found one she wanted to look at. We went to look at it on Saturday morning and that afternoon we bought the car. So now we are the new owners of a Swagger Wagon. Check out this commercial we saw tonight. Its hilarious. Its not a Sienna, though we like it and are excited at the possibilities our new Dodge Caravan will bring our family. Here's to the new soccer mom.


Jared and Sami said...

You should call it the swagg'in!

Rachel said...

you need to pose all gangsta in front of it, flashing gang signs and everything.

Grace said...

haha that commercial is awesome! It almost makes me want to go out and get one! :)