Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pictures of Jonathan at CHCC

Last picture of my chest before surgeryFirst Day after surgery I had:
3 Chest Tubes
Pacemaker Wires
Left Atrial Wire
Central Venous Line
Arterial Line
Foley Catheter
Nasalgastric Tube
Endotracheal Tube
2 Regular IV's
5 EKG Leads Minus all my chest tubes and wires
Minus my Endotrachael tube and finally playing with mama

I'm finally happy cuz mama can hold me
If anyone wants to see any more of my pictures with more detail, email my parents.


US... said...

I am so happy that he did so well. He really is cute, even with all that stuff.

Mel's Family said...

He is so beautiful even with all the wires and tubes...but, smiling at his mamma is "priceless". I'm so happy he is doing so well. Love you all. XOXOXO Mel

Alexie said...

I am so happy that he is doing alright. I wanted to call you when I saw that his big day was moved, but I was so nervous. I have checked the blog almost everyday since. Love you guys! He is beautiful!
This is Curtis, I am signed in under Lex

Ashley said...

He is so precious. It must of been hard seeing him like that at first! Im glad he is doing well!